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Private Lessons in Fine Art

I believe that Fine Art is not only creative, but also a science which is passed down from artist to artist. Having studied at both The Chelsea School of Fine Art and The Byam Shaw School of Fine Art, I speak from first hand experience. Such institutes do not actually teach technique to the individual student. The student does not receive enough information about what can and cannot be done with regards to the medium being used. A work of art should be constructed in a way that will allow it to physically stand the test of time and not flake away after a few years.

I teach on a one to one basis which allows the student to get full attention, unlike in institutions where the student is left alone for most of the day. My students range from the novice, right through, to the professional, who wants to understand more about the medium in use and how to be more accurate in the observation process. I teach the techniques of the Old Masters, always paying close attention to quality and sensitivity. There is more to art than simply trying to compose an image. The actual process of creating an image is just as important as its outcome and the ability to observe the world in a unique manner, may introduce greater sensitivity and maturity to the work. I offer advice that makes sense when applied on a practical level and my method in how to see and record a subject is somewhat different to the usual. When teaching, I refer to the great Masters as well as the Impressionists and a few contemporary artists, so that a link may occur in the thought process.

I believe that every individual can draw, because it is the most primitive and expressive form of visual communication. Certain people need greater confidence to gradually reveal their creative talent and it is important to bring out their confidence in a structured programme. The teaching programme begins with learning to draw in various ways, experimenting with dry medium on different surfaces. Colour theory is then applied, followed by drawing in pastels, gouache and finally oils.

For the more advanced student/artist, the lessons take a different format, whereby matters are discussed and alternative suggestions are introduced, that would allow the work to take on a new dimension.

In all cases, strong emphasis is placed upon the Old Masters and I remind students that it is of the outmost importance to examine the great works in an in-depth manner, rather than on a superficial level.

For further information about private lessons in fine art please e-mail your interest to or call +44(0)7956 312 708.

Students at work. Click to enlarge.

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